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Creativando creates exclusive design objects and original and unique gift ideas.
From the design to the finished product. Strictly Made in Italy.

Christmas - 27/11/2015

6 gifts ideas for next Xmas: to amaze with creativity

Christmas is coming and it’s time for gifts. Everybody’s searching for objects and unusual ideas to surprise and amaze lovers, friends, family, coworkers.

Searching for the distinctive and unusual gift is the “mission” for next Christmas. Because the gift tells others about us. Because the “right” gift is the way to be remembered and to give others joy and happiness. Because, whether it is a big or a small gift, the important thing is its authenticity.

Here 6 tips and suggestions from the Creativando collection, where originality and creativity are the brand forte.

1. A blanket signed by Keith Haring

The perfect gift to warm the heart of someone you love.

In fine boiled wool, for the cold winter evenings and with the image of one of the most famous Keith Haring’s works, unforgettable Pop Art icon.

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"Men with heart" blanket signed by Keith Haring

2. Cuore Matto slippers

"Cuore Matto" slippers

Soft, warm, beautiful and pleasant to wear during the long and lazy days of this season. A fundamental gift for those who love comfort and creativity.

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3. Travel Guru: the enhanced travel book

For real travelers, Travel Guru is perfect for writing, drawing, collect business cards and small travel souvenirs.

The gift meant for relentless travelers and for those who always look at Christmas as the opportunity to take a vacation.

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"Travel Guru" travel book

4. Heart Gallery’s hearts, originally tridimensional

La collezione Heart Gallery di Creativando

Give a message from the heart! The wide choice of Heart Gallery’s ceramic hearts allows everyone to find the right thought to convey, especially for Christmas. A small “work of art” to give (to someone or oneself), but also a very original idea to trim the Christmas tree, thanks to the practical hook. Plus... a wonderful package.

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5. Hummi: the decorative humidifiers

Cold winter days, radiators switched on. How to brighten up the room? With the finest and most complete collection of ceramic humidifiers, with unusual and iconic shapes, amazing and embellished; useful items that decorate.

From the classic Corazón to the Chapeau, among the Hummi you can surely find the “right” gift. Nice and helpful. Creative and memorable.

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Discover all "Hummi" hudidifiers

6. The Balloons, to creatively decorate the walls

The Balloons are an innovative idea to decorate and make any room creative, from the entryway to the children's room. Available in many beautiful and modern colours, incredibly realistic and surprisingly made of ceramic. For beauty lovers and those who appreciate the quality and style of the Italian ceramics, even in the most unusual and surprising shapes. A gift to be remembered.

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Discover all the Balloons

Each product of Heart Gallery’s ceramic collection is made using Italian clay and selected non-toxic glazes, free of lead or other substances that could be harmful to ones health. A simple and loving contribution for a lifestyle, not only creative, but also more eco-friendly.

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