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Creativando creates exclusive design objects and original and unique gift ideas.
From the design to the finished product. Strictly Made in Italy.

Oroscope - 23/02/2016

The art of gift. Sign by sign. Pisces.

A short, half-serious and ironic journey among the twelves signs of the zodiac and design. And a few suggestions to find the right gift for everyone, following the advice of the stars and the proposals of the Creativando collection. Let’s start with Pisces.


“The little fish craves for the shore. It’s hosted by the sea”. (Japanese haiku)”.
Sentimental, sensitive, lovers of life in all its forms. Imaginative and creative, capables of great “flights”, but also very “terrestrial” and pragmatic landings. Painful at times. Here are the pisces. Love is at first place. And is a romantic love, made of passion, astonishment, unpredictability, vision, poetry.
But also volubility and hesitation. Two worlds colliding: reason and emotion. Spirit and freedom, Walt Whitman would say.


Not so gifted for handiness, they express their best when working in art and music fields, and (of course) in the art of acting.

Music and literature

Lucio Battisti, George Harrison, David Byrne, Ligabue, Antonello Venditti.
Jack Kerouac, Gabriel García Márquez, John Steinbeck (all born under the sign of Pisces).



Azure and blue and their many shades are the favourites by pisces. Colours that convey tranquillity and protection. Lucidity of ideas and creativity. Deep thoughts, wisdom and loyalty. Naturalness. Sky and sea.


Sea, sun and clear waters. Just as some remote Greek island. Or Hong Kong, sprawling, multi-ethnic, rich of incentives and ideas. And again getting lost in nature, with a trekking in Chiapas (Mexico).

The ideal environment

A large, open and “skilled” space, where fantasy, imagination and originality reign. Full of objects and accessories (also vintage) that always tell, somehow, life stories and experiences.
Light and lamps are absolute protagonists and not just simple accessories. Mirrors can’t be missed. Pisces love to be surrounded by beauty and design.

Pisces “objects”

We must start with a mirror: «Pretty Woman» or «Ray Man». Inspired by the shapes of the sunglasses used in the legendary 60s. Beautiful and surprising. Real pieces of furniture that alone confer personality and uniqueness to a wall, a room, an office. Designed by Fabio Flora, are made of HPL, very resistant and unscratchable, in black or white.

The second hint for the moody Pisces is «Anymal», a multi-purpose stool, that can be used as low table or sitting. Suitable for both exterior and interior, it’s made of HPL. Designed by Davide Carlesi and Gianluca Tonelli, it’s available in 5 versions. Absolutely recommended for those born under this sign, the «Azure/Oak» version, reversible and therefore usable, according on the mood, in the two colour finishing.

A small object, but with great significance. «Pesce Fuor d’Acqua» (i.e. «Fish out of water») is an envelope holder, made of varnished metal and characterized with 5 original graphic decorations. Conceived by C.B. Farinar and graphically interpreted by Laura Ellero. Not just beautiful and creative, but also useful and functional.

From the Heart Gallery collection we choose two hearts: «Oceano», inspired by Mauro Bassani, and «Come il Mare», with a poem of the writer Alberto Princis. For hopeless romantics, like the Pisces are. Made of Italian ceramics. With selected clay, using only lead-free glazes. Handmade. Designed with the heart.

And then the new plates, with big dimensions (33x33 cm). Inspired by fishes, just as «Tre Sardine» and «Fior di Pesce» by Laura Ellero, or «Happy Whale» by Luciano Lunazzi. Creative, artistic, unusual. To use as serving dishes, or hang on the walls as decorations.

Buy Fior di Pesce plate

Happy birthday, Pisces!

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