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Creativando creates exclusive design objects and original and unique gift ideas.
From the design to the finished product. Strictly Made in Italy.

Recurrences - 28/04/2016

Special Mother’s Day. Viva la mamma!

May is the month of the first warm days, of nature, flowers and fragrances, but, most of all, in Italy it is the month of Mother's Day. Someone wrote that maternity is the greatest privilege that life can reserve to a woman. Someone else wrote “one good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters”. There are no poor mothers, ugly or old mothers. There is one mother. Our one. Forever and ever the North star, a mentor, a vital lighting.

Shown below, small tips of three books, three movies and three songs, all dedicated to the mother. Old and new, but always actual.


  • «All About My Mother» (Pedro Almodóvar, 1999)
  • «Mommy» (Xavier Dolan, 2014)
  • «I Don't Know How She Does It» (Douglas McGrath, 2011)

The Books

  • «L’invenzione della Madre» di Marco Peano (Ed. Minimum Fax)
  • «Amiche mie» di Silvia Ballestra (Ed. Oscar Contemporanei)
  • «Una madre lo sa» di Concita De Gregorio (Ed. Piccola Biblioteca Oscar Mondadori)

The music

  • «Viva la Mamma», Edoardo Bennato (link)
  • «Mamma Mia», Abba (link)
  • «Mama Said», Metallica (link)

Gift ideas to thank her

How should we thank her for the love, attachment, sweetness, attentions, kindness and teachings she passed down to us?

The best way is absolutely with love, daily attentions, sweet and right words, maybe unexpected. Moreover with natural gestures (like a hug), that may look ordinary, but which are not. Remember: all mothers are also women and all women love gifts. Even small, but original and unusual.

Here some of suggestions and ideas from the Creativando collection.

A greeting card

Let's start with a greeting card. Because it cannot be missed.

The handwritten words have a deep and inimitable value.

Write your message to "Mom" on the back of one of the 26 postcards availables; made of Tyvek so it can be folded, crumpled up and with a giant size (50x35 cm). One side is interpreted by artists, designers and graphic artist with images, photos, artworks and poems, while the back side is set just like a traditional postcard: with the proper space where you can write words and thoughts, and the address of the recipient too.

The most suitable model? We suggest «Thank you» or «Remember to be Happy»: expressive, colorful and pleasant.

A heart

A «Heart» to be chosen between over than 80 models of the Heart Gallery collection, made with Italian ceramic. Precious and creative. Rich of relevance. As «Little Rose», which includes a small, delicate three-dimensional rose. Or «Fiocco», a special mould with a writing on the back that all moms will appreciate: “It's easy and beautiful to love you”. Mother's heart.

A ceramic vase

A ceramic vase to store a beautiful bouquet of roses, always has a reason.

You can be spoilt for choice! The «Half» collection, inspired by the paint tins, with «Love», «Joy», «Hope» and «Happiness» graphics.

Table-top or hang on the wall, depending on your preference. A full of beauty and practicality, something that moms really love.

Or «Tronco», the ceramic vase reconstruction of a real tree trunk, with a heart engraved in the bark. Romantic and original.

Some other ideas to surprise your mother...

Something softer to use for a picnic outdoors?

A blanket made with 100% high quality cotton, to use on the sofa and armchair, or for a funny picnic with the family during good weather!

Among the variants, «Dedalus» and «Mondrian».

To Moms attentive to the art and design. Another idea is a pair of little pillows (25x25 cm) made in soft artificial leather fabric, digitally printed with reproductions of two artworks of hearts, «David» and «Oooooh!», designed by the eclectic artist Luciano Lunazzi.

Did you know that moms work always against the time? So why not giving her a wall clock? Small dimensions (diameter 11 cm) and essential design: «Fare le Ore Piccole», are made of HPL laminate and customized with graphics or phrases. Available in 6 versions.

Those most likely? «Remember» or «Time».

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