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Oroscope - 22/08/2016

The art of gift, sign by sign. Virgo

Virgo is a sign with unexpected contradictions. Intelligent, analytical and a perfectionist. Feels the need to control everything; almost a magnificent obsession. It has a maniacal attention to every detail in a hypercritical way; it’s hyperactive, hypochondriac and hyperobserver. Nothing can escape ...

Self-confidence and “manias” of Virgo

“Business requires earnestness and method; life must have a freer handling. Business demands the usmost stringency and sequence; in life, inconsecutiveness is frequently necessary, indeed, is charming and graceful..”
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Love and Profession

Virgo’s nature is monogamous, but it’s exacting and perfectionist, thus may struggle to find the right partner.
For this sign all professions that require analytical and practices abilities are perfect: teachers, researchers, artisans, programmers, engineers, designers, gardeners.

Music, readings, art and ...

Agatha Christie, Madre Teresa di Calcutta, Sophia Loren, Paulo Coelho, Michael Jackson, Cameron Diaz, Tiziano Terzani, Charlie Parker, Van Morrison.


Van Morrison, "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

The colour

Brown is the colour of earth, associated with stability, and it’s able to chase away insecurities. The Virgo is just like that: stable, realistic, careful, although often it feels some fears for future prospects and the outside world.


Brazil. Among towns and beaches, popular traditions and social life. Music, football and much more.

Croatia and its thousands of islands where nature is the protagonist. Crystal clear waters, isolated beaches, natural parks to be discovered.

Stockholm. Rich in history, culture and design, but ordered and rigorously cool.

The ideal environment

Sophisticated style and a naturally illuminated environment. Virgo has few lamps in its house, since it doesn’t love artifical light. It loves to stay at home and enjoy its ordered nest. Therefore accurately organized storage furnitures, large pillows with natural tones and fine quality textiles cannot be missed.

Virgo’s objects

A lot of pillows

Virgo loves comfort and its couch. Nothing better than that enriching it with many cotton or eco leather pillows. Choosing between those printed with written text, graphics or art reproductions. An embarrassing wealth of options.

Discover the pillows

Sleepers “Cuore Matto”

Incurable “couch potatoes”, people born under this sign will appreciate the soft and very comfortable heart-shaped slippers.

Perfect for long home evenings watching tv.

Discover Cuore Matto

Coat rack “Saguaro” Brown/Beige

Inspired by the famous Arizona Cactus, “Saguaro” is a practical and functional wall coat rack.

Reversible, it can be used according to one’s will on both sides: brown or beige. Made of laminated HPL, it’s also resistant to moisture, thus it’s perfectly suitable to be used in the bathroom as a towel rail.

Discover Saguaro

Piatti “Kiss Me”

Large sized (33x33 cm) they can be used as a decoration, placeholder or serving plate. Decorated with two original paintings by Walter Davanzo. Ceramics and art 100% Italian.

Discover Kiss Me

Knife holder “The Knife Place”

Ceramic and Italian beech for this unusual, practical and funcional knife holder.

A cult object for the Virgo’s kitchen. Designed by CB Farinar.

Discover The Knife Place

The Hearts

“Amore in corso” (i.e. “Love in progress”) designed by Cristina Toscanini it perfectly fits Virgo’s style. A practical and direct message.

“Free Words”. The “blackboard” finish allows to personalize this ceramic heart. With writings, drawings, messeges and… also some “directives”. Things that people born under this sign love to give.

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