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Oroscope - 20/10/2016

The art of gift, sign by sign. Scorpio

Mystery and charm, sensitivity and generosity. Scorpio is probably the most intense and contradictory among all Zodiac signs. It’s intuitive and determined and, although it may seem distant and discreet, it lives every situation with great enthusiasm and involvement. Scorpio people generally are magnetic, profound and serious, but also touchy and ready to revenge.

The charm and determination of Scorpio

«For what other is this? Can that be called life where you take away pleasure?»
Erasmo da Rotterdam, in “In Praise of Folly”

Life and Love

Passion and passion again.
As the other water signs, Scorpio lives of emotions, although often these are repressed and hidden. Despite the apparent hardness, in Love, they are sweet and faithful partners, able to give confidence and positivity.


Perceptive and smart, they enjoy professions that require research, analysis, resistance. Surgeons, scouts, analysts, writers, decorators. Their deep and innate intuition leads them to be perfect psychologists.


Red is the colour par excellence of this zodiac sign. Symbol of power and ambition. Colour able to instill trust, bravery and vitality, but also fury and impatience. All typical characteristics of Scorpio, the sign of attraction, love and passion.

Sound track

Muhal Richard Abrams

Music, reading, arts…

Pablo Picasso, Grace Kelly, Ennio Morricone, Claude Monet, Alain Delon, Bill Gates, Roberto Benigni, Hillary Clinton…


San Sebastian. the pearl of Basque region, among beautiful beaches and a fascinating people- friendly city, cultured and involving and, above all, recognized capital of the Spanish gastronomy. Scorpios will love it.

Itaca. Far away from the crazy crowd. Silence, small beaches and clear water. Breath-taking views and traditional Greek hospitality. El “Buen Retiro”.

Myanmar (Burma). A land of extraordinary cultural and environmentally prosperity, disseminated of golden pagodas, unspoiled nature and areas recently opened to the tourism. A journey in contact with ancient traditions and friendly and curious inhabitants.

The ideal environment

Scorpio style is simple, modern and clean. They love painted walls, enriched with few but important prints, comfortable spaces, shelves to expose the preferred objects.

Generally speaking, the environment must be essential and practical. A spacious kitchen fully accessorized. A big bathroom full of drawers and containers.

Scorpio’s objects

«Men With Heart» Blanket

A soft blanket in boiled wool with a beautiful original picture of Keith Haring. Perfect for long evenings on the sofa reading or watching TV. The warm embrace of… contemporary art.

Discover «Men With Heart»


Pouf, but also low stool or table, at your choice. Made by digitally printed eco-leather fabric and polyurethane foam padding (PK 40) with very highly resistant and durable. Simplicity and versatility, comfort and beauty. All in a “Cube... libre”. Which model for the Scorpio? The “classic” «Toujours» or the fashionable «DJ»!

Humidifier Hummi «Red lips»

For the passionate Scorpios a lips shaped humidifier. Sensual and iconic. A everyday useful object that gives to the room a touch of irony and aesthetic pleasure. During summer season «Red Lips» becomes a wall vase. Designed by Fabio Flora.

Discover «Red Lips»

The Hearts

They cannot be missed in our column. Tips?

«You Are Here». In my heart. And won’t escape. Do you know a better message for a Scorpio? As an alternative: «Vision Test», with graphics that reminds an eye chart, and a magnifying glass included. You must use it to read all the way through…
Both hearts are part of the Heart Gallery collection, which includes over ninety hearts interpreted by artists and designers from all around the world. All Italian ceramic, lead-free and with no toxic glazes.

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