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Creativando creates exclusive design objects and original and unique gift ideas.
From the design to the finished product. Strictly Made in Italy.

Oroscope - 22/11/2016

The art of gift, sign by sign. Sagittarius

Its space is the world. The boundaries don't exist. No fear. Nothing can stop a Sagittarius. Optimistic, sincere, generous and sociable, but also unstable, exaggerated and sometimes elusive. Even in difficult times, however, it always knows how to minimize and laugh it up. Diving into life, it is its speciality.

Sagittarius optimism and elusiveness

«Beauty – be not caused – It is
Chase it, and it ceases
Chase it not, and it abides»

(Emily Dickinson)

Life and Love

It's through the lens of idealism that Sagittarius lives love. Tirelessly. Always on demand. Monogamy is something abstract, distant, undefined and difficult, but rather than infidelity it’s all about experimentation. Sex is central. A beautiful obsession, a factor, a distinctive element.


Curiosity, combined with determination, brings Sagittarians to be suitable and excel in any professional environment. They succeed well as sociologists, advertisers, philosophers, politicians, teachers, comedians, explorers, doctors, insurance brokers.


Positive colour, able to remove sad and negative feelings, fuchsia is connected with help, compassion and goodness, peculiar characteristics of those born under this zodiac sign, careful to convey serenity and calm, even in the most complex situations.

Sound track

Tom Waits - The heart of saturday night

Music, reading, arts...

Frank Sinatra, Maria Callas, Walt Disney, Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, Gianni Morandi, Sinéad O’Connor, Tina Turner, Brad Pitt.


Jamaica. Unique and sensual island, which promises joy of life and happiness. Where reggae dictates the rhythm of day and night, between dances and mango and papaya cocktails. Where beaches are white and water is blue. Where forests and waterfalls are a pleasant discovery. The Sagittarius Island by definition.

Cape Town. Suspended between Africa and the West, between oceans and savannahs, between past and future. Exciting and charming, involving and lively. Even contradictory. Never ordinary. Enjoy a sunset, where Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet each other and become one, is an emotion easy to love, impossible to forget.

Prague. Cultured city with rich history, traditions and culture. Apparently cold, but able to involve, bewitch and seduce as few other cities in the world. Get lost in the streets of Mala Strana is magic, is a joy, is something absolutely to do in one’s life. And what about the Czech beer, one of the best in the world? Seeing is believing.

The ideal environment

An essential and refined style. Sagittarius’ spaces are rich in ethnic objects that recall distant countries and adventurous trips. Wood, ceramic and natural materials are the great protagonists in furnishing; many fresh flowers can never be missed. The fabrics and the decorations have delicate or optical patterns, without any excesses.

Sagittarius’ objects

«Materia» Clock

Square format, generous size (40x40 cm) with a materic finish that recalls the roughness of the bark. Simple but refined elegance, this clock is made of HPL stratified laminate very resistant and was designed by CDT.

Discover «Materia»

«Yo-Yo» Coat hook

Between irony and functionality, this coat hook is made of Italian beech and it has been inspired by the childish game. Soft and attractive shapes, simply and pleasant design, «Yo-Yo» perfectly adapts in many differents ambients, from the children’s room to the entrance, or the bathroom. It can be used only with its natural essence, or with a cordon provided in five differents vivid colours.

Discover «Yo-Yo»

«Tronco» Vase

The right place for a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Made of Italian ceramic, lead-free and non-toxic glazes, like all products of the Heart Gallery collection, the «Tronco» vase (i.e. Trunk) combines aesthetics, quality, “constructive” technique and practicality. Beautiful by nature.

Discover «Tronco»

«Flower Power» and «Package» Hearts

Two suggestions for Sagittarius also among the hearts of the Heart Gallery collection.

«Flower Power», with a pop style decoration designed by Carlo Muttoni. A cheerful and colourful message, and a precious and original gift. Or «Package», a brainchild of Laura Ellero: a heart covered with natural raw paper and “wrapped” like a real parcel. Complete with a label where you can write a small dedication, a wish, a thought.

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